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Fundraising Chair


Major: Business Administration, International Marketing

This is my first semester being a board member in a club, so I am looking forward to working with everyone who is really out to make an impact in the program. The money that we generate will ultimately come back to us at the end of the semester, the more money we generate the more likely of a chance you will have to win a scholarship. I am more than open to ideas and input, if you have any kind of suggestion make sure to let me know what it is.


A little background about myself; I am a current LBCC student, working to transfer over to Cal State Long Beach where I will minor in cultural anthropology. I then plan to get into the masters program at USC. Outside of academics, I am a big fan of hiking, going to the beach, and all things art. From photography to music to film to paintings, it is something I genuinely enjoy. I have also had varying job experiences from serving to pizza delivery to sales, so if anyone ever needs any advice or help with how to approach an interview I would be more than happy to help. I joined business club to really get a taste of the business acumen that I will be having to prepare myself for in the future.


Let’s make this best out of this experience we all share and really do all that we can to make an impact. I look forward to working with all of you.


PHONE NUMBER: (562)743-1906

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