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Xitlali Soto Ryan

VP, External Affairs

Business Admin. Focus Marketing

I'm currently a Sophomore majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. In the future I also plan to add an accounting minor, just to spice things up a little bit. 

I originally come from a STEM background having gone to the California Academy of Math and Science or CAMS, as it is known to LBUSD students. In high school, I was the head of external affairs for our VEX Robotics team, along with being a coach for the drivers on the team and refereeing the state championships. After four years of rigorous high school engineering classes taught at a college level, and a year of engineering at a four year university, I realized that it wasn't engineering that I was passionate about, but instead it was business.  Going through the STEM field with several internships and being a female minority was definitely the experience that gave me a thick skin and prepared me for the rush of being in business. 

I have also worked in/currently work in the retail industry, under the flagship Forever 21 in Waikiki and Kiehl's. I also did a small food service stint at Snow Monster in Long Beach. So if anyone ever needs advice on skincare or how to make a perfect Thai tea, I'd be the person to come to in business club. 

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